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  • Corrosion Blocker Grease 454g Tub

    Corrosion Blocker Grease 454g Tub

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    ACF-50-25016GTUB £9.13+ vat
    £10.96 inc vat


    For 100% corrosion protection use ACF-50 in conjunction with its sister product "Corrosion Block Grease", which has all the same anti-corrosion properties as ACF-50 and was specifically designed to provide maximum protection under severe conditions.

    • Strongly resists water washout.
    • Has superior salt-water resistance.
    • It's formulation provides both high and low temperature performance thereby increasing the service life of critical components.
    • Distinct aqua colour, copper free so no risk of corroding alloy.
    • Use as an assembly grease, on engine/transmission cases, calliper bolts, wheel bearings, wheel axle bolts, battery terminals, side & centre stands, foot pegs, brake & clutch lever pivots etc.
    • From the makers of ACF-50.

    F2 Motorcyclists say:
    "It's the best anti-seize grease we have ever used, long lasting & no corrosion. Even 6 months later all the fasteners coated with Corrosion Block could be undone with ease"

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