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  • Dyna Beads Low Profile Tyres

    Dyna Beads Low Profile Tyres

    If you have low-profile tyres, that being any tyre with an aspect ratio 65 or below, you may have balancing issues that precludes using Dyna Beads as the sole balancing method.

    Our official policy is that we do not advise using Dyna Beads in any car, truck or SUV tyre with an aspect ratio 65 or below unless used in conjunction with weights.**

    The reason for this is that this type of tyre has a higher incidence of lateral imbalance, which is basically that one side of the tyre is heavier than the other side, creating a “wobbling” effect, or “shaking” of the steering wheel. This type of imbalance can only be corrected by careful placement of traditional weights on the wheel rim.

    That being said, the physics principle is still the same, and the addition of a Maintenance amount will usually* smooth out the ride, add additional mileage, and reduce, if not eliminate, any future rebalancing issues.

    We strongly advise against using Dyna Beads in any vehicle used for racing, for any application involving cornering at high speeds, or in tyres placed under high acceleration beyond normal highway use. (drag racing, etc)

    * While Maintenance levels have been very successful with customers, there are too many variables for us to accurately predict its success in a particular vehicle/tyre type, and so we offer no assurance or guarantee using this method on your vehicle.
    **Does not apply to motorcycle or tractor trailers.

    1) Find the correct weight of Dyna Beads using charts below.
    2) Order at the bottom of the page.
    If your tyre size is not listed or you are unsure, please call us for assistance - do not guess.

    Tyre Size
    Beads p/tyre
    Tyre Size:
    Low Profile - 13" to 14"
    Beads p/tyre:

    Tyre Size:
    Low Profile - 15" to 16"
    Beads p/tyre:

    Tyre Size:
    Low Profile - 17" to 18"
    Beads p/tyre:

    Tyre Size:
    Low Profile - 19" to 20"
    Beads p/tyre:

    Tyre Size:
    Low Profile - 21" to 22"
    Beads p/tyre:

    Dyna Beads p/tyre
    Price each
    1oz / 29g
    £4.54 + vat
    £5.45 inc vat
    2oz / 59g
    £5.69 + vat
    £6.83 inc vat
    3oz / 88g
    £7.59 + vat
    £9.11 inc vat
    4oz / 118g
    £8.33 + vat
    £10.00 inc vat
    5oz / 148g
    £9.53 + vat
    £11.44 inc vat
    6oz / 177.5g
    £11.43 + vat
    £13.72 inc vat
    8oz / 226.5g
    £15.26 + vat
    £18.31 inc vat

    If you plan to install through the valve stem then you will need an applicator.
    Dynabeads Applicator Small
    Up to 4oz Dyna Beads
    £3.16 + vat
    £3.79 inc vat
    Dynabeads Applicator Medium
    Over 4oz Dyna Beads
    £3.45 + vat
    £4.14 inc vat

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