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  • Knobby Knife
    Knobby KnifeKnobby KnifeKnobby Knife

    Knobby Knife

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    What is Knobby Knife?

    Knobby Knife is a powerful, 240 volt 100-watt heating tool that maintains over 500 degrees heat while cutting rubber. With its patent pending blade made of high quality tool steel you will be able to quickly and easily sharpen the knobbies of your worn dirt bike tyres saving you time and money as you won't be replacing your tyres nearly as often.

    Why Knobby Knife?

    • Regains lost gripping performance on used tyres.
    • Sharpens knobbies quickly and easily.
    • Gives riders on a budget a new-like tyre.
    • Gives 3 to 5 times more life to your tyre.
    • Saves money by not buying new tyres as often.
    • Saves you time not replacing your tyre as often.
    • Works with all brands of dirt bike tyres.
    • Goes green - decreases items in landfills.
    • Also cuts cab-truck tyres.
    • UK 13 amp plug or European Euro plug.
    • 240 volt - CE Approved.
    • 2 Year warranty.

    How to use Knobby Knife

    Rating: 5
    Comment As a motocross rider and racer I get through tyres pretty quickly and when I saw the knobby Knife I thought I would give it a try. It took a few goes to get the correct technique, but now I can revive a worn tire in no time at all.

    Tyres that would have been put aside for practice can now be re-cut and used for another race meeting.

    Well worth the money.
    Name Lucas Harris, Lincs
    Lucas Harris, Lincs - 30-Oct-2017
    Rating: 5
    Comment Thank you for doing this, the knife arrived yesterday and I had enough time to sort my tyres out for my enduro tomorrow.

    EXCELLENT SERVICE, thank you .
    Name Mathew Waters
    Mathew Waters - 01-Sep-2017

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