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  • Metro Blaster Heat Dryer with 10ft Hose

    Metro Blaster Heat Dryer with 10ft Hose

    Part No: Price:
    B-3HT £215.83+ vat
    £259.00 inc vat

    The 4HP Blaster Heat is the same as the Blaster but can also dry at a higher air temperature when used with the heat facility for those who want a faster drying time.

    It is fitted with a 900 watt 1/4” Incoloy heating element with an on/off switch, it is virtually indestructible under normal conditions, hence the 5 year warranty. Has all the best qualities of the Blaster but with more heat, perfect for colder climates. 

    240v UK Model.


    Features Include:
    • Blows warm, dry, clean, filtered air.
    • Heat control on/off.
    • Eliminates water spots.
    • Prevents rust.
    • Safer, more effective than compressed air or leaf blowers.
    • Rugged all steel construction.
    • 4.0 Peak HP motor.
    • Airflow 29,000fpm.
    • 10 ft heavy duty hose.
    • Heavy duty rubber blower nozzle.
    • Lightweight & portable.
    • Great for shows & mobile valeters.
    • 100% duty cycle.
    • 240 volts. CE Approved.
    • Low current draw 5 amps, 9 amps when using heat.
    • Includes 4 piece nozzle and adapter kit.
    • UK Dryers 3 pin 13 amp fused plug.
    • European dryers 2 pin earthed euro round plug.

    Recommended Accessories

    Construction All Steel
    Motor 4.0 peak HP
    Heat Element 900 watts, 4 amps, 240 volt
    Air Flow 29,250 ft/min
    Fan 2 Stage Dual Fan
    Voltage 240v CE Approved
    Watts Motor: 1265 watts
    Watts Heat Element: 900 watts
    Watts Total: 2165 watts
    Current Motor: 5 amps
    Current Heat Element: 4 amps
    Current Total: 9 amps
    Hose 3m/10ft x 1.5” Heavy Duty Hose
    Power Cord 11ft, heavy-duty, 13 amp fused plug
    Filter E/Z Change Foam Filter
    Control Run ON/OFF & Heat ON/OFF
    Temperature Varies according to ambient air temperature
    Attachments Included 4 piece nozzle and adapter kit
    Weight 4.25 kg
    (Approx excl hose/nozzle)
    (L x H x Dia)
    360 x 200 x 165mm
    14 x 8 x 6.5"
    Warranty 5 Year
    Rating: 5
    Comment My Blaster arrived very quick and exceptionally well packaged.
    I couldn't resist trying her out straight away. A joy to use, two cars washed and dried with no streaks or marks.
    The Blaster is built for heavy use and is very robust, switches are strong and the whole unit looks like it will last years.
    Very happy :)
    Name Dave Yates
    Dave Yates - 15-Aug-2018
    Rating: 5
    Comment Thanks for the customer support.

    Blaster & Skid order arrived when it should. Tried it out today as I had a new sealant product to try out.

    Both do exactly what they intend to do. Effortless drying using the Blaster Heat. Don’t know why I didn’t get one of these sooner.
    Name Josh Briscoe
    Josh Briscoe - 14-Jun-2018
    Rating: 5
    Comment The Blaster Heat just arrived thank you, unpacked it and it looks great. Amazing blast of air when I switched it on for a second. Thanks too for fitting the skid. I’m looking forward to using it this weekend.
    Name Christian Mahne
    Christian Mahne - 12-Apr-2018
    Rating: 5
    Comment My Dryer arrived yesterday and I had a play with it this morning. Bloody expensive but it’s a top bit of kit and it’s a fraction of the price of the motorbike its going to help protect.
    Name Dax Hewitt
    Dax Hewitt - 16-Mar-2018
    Rating: 5
    Comment I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Blaster Heat ….. it’s brilliant! I really don’t know how I’ve lived without one. Now my bikes are clean and dry when they are put back in the garage - not just the motorbikes, it’s been great for the pushbikes as well, especially as they get filthy and salty in this cold weather.

    Thanks again for your advice and terrific customer service.
    Name Patrick McLoughlin
    Patrick McLoughlin - 11-Jan-2018
    Rating: 5
    Comment Thanks for the Blaster Heat & the Dolly, wow what a great product very impressive!
    Name Craig Smith
    Craig Smith - 21-Feb-2017

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