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  • Metro Master Blaster Dryer with 10ft Hose
    Metro Master Blaster Dryer with 10ft HoseMetro Master Blaster Dryer with 10ft HoseMetro Master Blaster Dryer with 10ft Hose

    Metro Master Blaster Dryer with 10ft Hose

    Part No: Price:
    MB-3CD £307.50+ vat
    £369.00 inc vat

    The Master Blasters’ twin motors produce a whooping 8hp, blasting 58,000 ft/min to eat leaf blowers & compressors for breakfast! 2 Speeds, 4hp or the full 8hp of dry clean filtered air to dry your pride & joy, in a way no chamois or blade can, leaving no water spots & streak free!

    Two switches allow users to set the airflow and temperature at 3 different levels. Use either motor (front or rear) independently or both simultaneously for maximum power. Four different nozzles enable users to position airflow where desired and eliminate water spots.

    The 10ft Heavy Duty Hose gives you the versatility to reach all the nooks and crannies on your vehicle. 

    The Master Blaster, Evolution & the Revolution Dryers all have the same motor & power output but come with different hoses and accessories.

    240v UK Model.


    Features Include:
    • 8 Peak Horsepower
    • Dryer unit on wheels with 12 foot cord.
    • 2 Motors - 2 Stage Dual Fan - 2 Speeds - 2 Temperatures.
    • 3m/10ft x 1.5” Heavy Duty Hose.
    • Heavy Duty Neoprene Blower.
    • NozzleAir concentrator.
    • Air streamer tool.
    • Micro adaptor.
    • Male/male adaptor.
    • Plus attachments to reach those hard to get places.
    • CE Approved.
    • UK Dryers 3 pin 13 amp fused plug.
    • European Dryers 2 pin Euro round plug.
    • Comes with dolly wheels and 4 piece nozzle and adapter kit.
    Construction All Steel
    Motor 8.0 peak HP, (two motors)
    Air Flow 58,000 ft/min
    Fan 2 Stage Dual Fan
    Voltage 240v CE Approved
    Watts 2160 watts
    Current 9 amps
    Hose 3m/10ft x 1.5” Heavy Duty Hose
    Power Cord 12ft, heavy-duty, 13 amp fused plug
    Filter E/Z Change Foam Filter
    Attachments Included Dolly wheels and 4 piece nozzle and adapter.
    Weight 7.95 kg
    (Approx excl hose/nozzle)
    (L x H x Dia)
    550 x 260 x 165mm
    21.5 x 10 x 6.5"
    Warranty 2 Year
    Rating: 5
    Comment The Master Blaster - it’s just brilliant!
    Name Lindsey Macdonald
    Lindsey Macdonald - 18-Feb-2019
    Rating: 5
    Comment I got my first opportunity to use the Master Blaster today.

    I have a 2018 Skoda Kodiaq which has a Gtechniq Ultra coating. The Master Blaster is absolutely superb in finishing the vehicle to its ‘just bought’ appearance. I am delighted with the Master Blaster.

    Many thanks.
    Name Jerome
    Jerome - 12-Dec-2018
    Rating: 5
    Comment Just would like to say a personal thank you for your efforts in helping to get the Master Blaster Dryer delivered the next day even though I’ve missed the last collection from your courier. You have gone far and beyond many companies would, I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased to say that the product arrived all in good order, excellently packaged and within the morning!

    Thank you very much indeed! As I said before will be buying more from you from now on, as it’s very rare to find a trusted, honest and excellent customer service company to do businesses with.

    Thank you!
    Name Tara Janson
    Tara Janson - 26-Jul-2018
    Rating: 5
    Comment Hi, received the Master Blaster dryer in perfect condition , what a brilliant piece of kit .

    I wish I had one years ago as I can't stand my motorcycles getting wet !
    Name John Hunt
    John Hunt - 23-May-2018
    Rating: 5
    Comment I made it to Tuscany this morning and checked out the Master Blaster dryer, what a great bit of kit!
    Name Luke Simmonds
    Luke Simmonds - 12-Apr-2018
    Rating: 5
    Comment If you love your bike and want to keep it pristine this is the place, everything possible to keep your bike perfect. Very helpful knowledgeable guy who owns it. If you only buy one thing make sure it is a METRO DRIER, you will be amazed how much trapped water this removes. This will be our port of call for all my valeting needs. Fantastic service.
    Name Pete Lincolnshire Motorcycles
    Pete Lincolnshire Motorcycles - 12-Apr-2018
    Rating: 5
    Comment I received my Master Blaster 8HP last Monday (after discussing my needs with
    you on the Friday before).

    My delivery took place exactly as promised. The
    packaging was excellent, labelling very clear and with the free sample of
    ACF + Valet Pro detailing brush, replacement filters and mounting bracket.

    The Blaster is now in position and an initial trial run has shown that for
    the Vespa, one motor is more than up to the job, but for the Range Rover,
    the twin motors gives the option of panel as well as wheel and door shut
    drying. Added bonus is being able to blast the dust from intricate woodworking projects after sanding.

    My only regret is not getting one of these beasts years ago!!

    Our telephone conversation helped me to clarify my thoughts and make the
    right decision.
    Name Howard
    Howard - 04-Dec-2017
    Rating: 5
    Comment The Master Blaster Dryer is amazing and I'm very pleased with it. Lovely finish and no nasty scratching.
    Name Annie – BMW M140i Shadow
    Annie – BMW M140i Shadow - 26-Sep-2017
    Rating: 5
    Comment The Master Blaster arrived the next day and is a brilliant bit of kit!!!
    Name Clive Woods
    Clive Woods - 23-Mar-2017
    Rating: 5
    Comment Thanks for taking the time to chat the other day when I bought the Master Blaster. In this day an age buying stuff is just a few clicks and its easy to never speak to a real person.
    Name Geoff
    Geoff - 21-Feb-2017
    Rating: 5
    Comment Many thanks. The Master Blaster & extension hose arrived yesterday morning and will be put to use today.

    Many thanks for such an excellent and prompt service - it was a pleasure doing business with Car Dryers UK.
    Name Barry Makellar
    Barry Makellar - 21-Feb-2017
    Rating: 5
    Comment I originally purchased a Vac 'n Blow and a bunch of hoses so that I could have it wall mounted and just run the hoses out to where I clean my car.

    I also used the Vac 'n Blow for drying the car but, whilst it excels as a vacuum, the drying took a little longer than I needed.

    The Master Blaster, however, is truly exceptional as a dryer. The power is certainly all that's required and it shifts all water with ease and quickly.

    Being able to thoroughly dry panel gaps and wing mirrors avoids those annoying water runs when polishing.

    The unit is very well made (although very American 1970s in appearance) and I'd expect it to last a long while.

    I have 4 hoses and these are very flexible making it really nice and light to use.

    In summary, very efficient and powerful. Just make sure to protect your ears when drying those wheel nuts!

    Thoroughly recommended.
    Name Ash Scott
    Ash Scott - 21-Feb-2017
    Rating: 5
    Comment The machine is EVERYTHING it's cracked up to be! An awesome bit of kit that will save me hours of work, avoid a lot of corrosion, and preserve the mirror finish on my cars' paintwork. Should have got it a long time ago. It's also strangely addictive and satisfying to use.

    Thanks for packing it so well - talk about the belt and braces approach! Much appreciated. I bet you never get any damage in transit!
    Name Ed Stratton
    Ed Stratton - 21-Feb-2017
    Rating: 5
    Comment Just a note to let you know I received my Master Blaster from you yesterday. Many thanks for that.

    Gave it a quick test yesterday, fantastic what a piece of kit. it will make cleaning my VW LWB T6 dub camper van a lot easier.
    Name Peter Toll
    Peter Toll - 21-Feb-2017

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