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    Pimp Brushes

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    The Pimp Stixxx Brush Attachment Kit is our latest accessory innovation to help clean heavy dirt and grime from areas that cannot be reached using conventional tools or by hand. These brushes are NOT part of the non-marking functionality of the original Pimp Stixxx Detailing Component system, rather, an add-on attachment that is designed to loosen dirt and grime. Great for scrubbing off baked on, dried on bugs that have exploded on your front grill!

    Simply attach the brush of your choice to the threaded Aluminum Handle as you would with the original cleaning tips, and brush away caked on and baked on dirt and grime!

    The Slick Stixxx Brush Attachment Kit includes:

    • one 6" long vinyl bristle brush with a 1" diameter
    • one 3" long vinyl bristle brush with a ½" diameter

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