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XCP Lubricate & Protect Aerosol

XCP Lubricate & Protect Aerosol

£5.00+ vat
£6.00 inc vat
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Providing superior lubrication, reduced friction, minimized wear and extra protection against rust and corrosion, XCP™ LUBRICATE & PROTECT™ is the product for those who need a high performance product to get the job done. Now you can match your high level skills with an extremely durable lubricant spray that's equally matched for the task at hand.


The unique formula of XCP™ LUBRICATE & PROTECT™ is a result of years of experience in demanding industrial environments around the world. Extend the life of your equipment and tools with XCP™ LUBRICATE & PROTECT™, as its state of the art formula delivers long lasting, high performance lubrication.


The powerful XCP™ formula is built to withstand extreme pressure applications and reduce the impact of friction between moving parts, minimising the long term effects of wear.


Once applied, the active ingredients in XCP™ create a thin, colourless soft coating to help keep moving parts loose and free from corrosion.


For extra corrosion and rust protection, professionals trust the unique XCP™ formula to provide long lasting protection against moisture and other corrosive elements.


XCP™ has a long history in the maintenance and protection of equipment and tools in demanding environments. We started out with specialist products for printing presses and other multi-million pound engineering maintenance projects. Now we have built on this heritage and are bringing industrial performance levels to the consumer market.

400ml Aerosol Bottle.

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