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  • Rock Oil Classic SAE 30 5L

    Rock Oil Classic SAE 30 5L

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    Rock Oil Classic 30 is a mineral based straight SAE 30 non detergent oil for classic bike engine, gearbox or primary drives.

    Classic 30 has been especially designed for use when a 30 mono grade oil is required. The Rock Oil range of classic motor oils represent the best in traditional oil design and are combined with the latest in lubrication technology derived from Rock Oils extensive motorcycling and motorsport experience.

    The Rock Oil Classic range uses premium grade virgin mineral oil base stocks. These base stocks provide superior oxidative and thermal stability to aid protection from wear and maintain engine cleanliness. Classic oils are treated with a complex additive structure to further enhance and provide engine reliability and longevity.

    Rock Oil Classic Oils are renowned for their clean running characteristics and are equally suitable for total loss or recirculating oil systems.

    Classic oils can also be used with complete confidence in gearbox and primary drive systems where a mono grade oil is required.

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