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  • XCP Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Kit
    XCP Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Kit

    XCP Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Kit

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    The XCP Motorcycle Chain Maintenance Pack is a must have bike cleaning accessory to keep your chain clean and protected again wear and corrosion.

    The kit consists of:

    XCP Fast Drying Universal Parts Cleaner

    A powerful, non-chlorinated solvent based cleaner and degreasing agent.
    • Cleans, degreases and displaces water.
    • Removes dirt, grease, oil and grime.
    • Leaves no residue.
    • Fast evaporating.

    XCP Chain Lubricant

    Long lasting protection against wear and corrosion.


    • Ultra thin, non-sticky film.
    • Penetrates links and sprockets.
    • Withstands extreme pressure.
    • Resists high speed fling off
    Stage 1 - Cleaning


     Spray the chain with XCP Universal Parts Cleaner and allow the product to take effect, ensuring excess liquid is wiped off. Take precautions to avoid overspray. For heavily soiled chains, use the chain brush supplied to agitate the dirt. Repeat this process as necessary until the chain is clean. If a sticky lubricant has been used previously, take your time to complete this stage until the chain is completely clean. It will pay off in the long run!

    Stage 2 - Lubricating

     Apply XCP Chain Lubricant sparingly and evenly to the clean chain, and ensure that excess liquid is wiped off. Ideally the chain will also be warm. Due to the excellent penetration and flow properties of XCP Chain Lubricant, be aware that a little goes a long way. Over applying will only lubricate your garage floor! Rotate wheel to assist flow and penetration into links and sprockets. For best results, leave overnight before use.

    Due to the non-sticky nature of XCP Chain Lubricant, you will find that cleaning the chain (stage 1) will get much easier as time goes on. Unlike other chain lubes, XCP Chain Lubricant dries to a non-sticky film that will not attract and retain dirt to the same extent as others do. Keep using XCP Chain Lubricant and you will find chain cleaning will become much easier when maintenance time comes around! 

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