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  • ZipperMends Black

    ZipperMends Black

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    ZIPPMEND £3.53+ vat
    £4.24 inc vat

    The quick and easy zipper pull repair kit.

    These black mends have a flat black finish.

    Each zippermend is 1 716" L x 516" W.

    • Open your ZipperMend so it is large enough to easily hook into one side of the zipper slider as shown.
    • Put the pin side toward the zipper teeth so the smooth side is facing up. 
    • Close the mend with your fingers from the bottom until you can't squeeze further. 
    • Take pliers and grab each side securely and gently close until you hear/ feel the two ends click into place. 
    • Once ZipperMend is closed it is designed to stay shut.


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