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  • Metro SideKick Dryer --- 2 Year Warranty
    Metro SideKick Dryer --- 2 Year WarrantyMetro SideKick Dryer --- 2 Year WarrantyMetro SideKick Dryer --- 2 Year Warranty

    Metro SideKick Dryer --- 2 Year Warranty

    Part No: Price:
    SK-1 £74.17+ vat
    £89.00 inc vat

    New version with Satin Black Finish!

    240v UK Model.

    The SideKick is ideal for those small drying jobs, engine bays, wheels, mirrors, headlights & grill surrounds where water likes to hide - corroding in silence & ready to streak the moment you drive away. The perfect car detailer - for car drying use larger models..

    The SideKick is ideal for drying your motorcycle whether naked or faired, sportbike or custom dripping in chrome. The Sidekick Dryer will blow and dry the water from all the nooks and crannies where water likes to hide - corroding in silence & ready to streak the moment you ride away.

    The SideKick is perfect for those who want an affordable, high-quality, high-performance, American-made, super-compact portable dryer!

    It features a powerful 1.3 HP motor that pumps out 18,000 feet-per-minute of warm filtered air, at a mere 9.5" high and weighing just a hair over three lbs, the SideKick is small enough and light enough to pack comfortably in your boot.

    The SideKick is equally at home on the driveway or on the road and makes an economical pack along to complement your home-based Blaster or Master Blaster!

    Don’t forget your hose!

    Whether detailing a car or drying a motorcycle, having waved the side kick around for 5 minutes you’d wish you had bought a 900mm hose as well!


    Features Include:
    • Blows warm, dry, clean, filtered air.
    • Eliminates water spots.
    • Prevents rust.
    • Safer, more effective than compressed air or leaf blowers.
    • All steel construction.
    • 1.3 Peak HP motor.
    • Airflow 18,000fpm.
    • Lightweight & Portable.
    • Great for travelling.
    • 100% duty cycle.
    • 240 volts. CE Approved.
    • UK Dryers 3 pin 13 amp fused plug.
    • European dryers 2 pin earthed euro round plug.

    Recommended Accessories

    Construction All Steel
    Motor 1.3 Peak HP
    Air Flow 18,000 ft/min
    Fan Single Stage Single Fan
    Voltage 240v CE Approved
    Watts 950 watts
    Current 4.5 amps
    Power Cord 11ft, heavy-duty, 13 amp fused plug
    Filter E/Z Change Foam Filter
    Attachments Included Heavy duty Neoprene Blower and Air-Flare Nozzles.
    Weight 1.4 kg
    (Approx excl hose/nozzle)
    (H x Dia)
    240 x 110mm
    9.5 x 4.24"
    Warranty 2 Year
    Rating: 5
    Comment Not only is this a great product the customer service and knowledge of Colin and his team at Killerbrands is excellent. Can’t recommend them enough
    Name Mark King
    Mark King - 16-Jan-2019
    Rating: 5
    Comment Since I bought it, I have used it every time I have washed one of my cars. It is absolutely brilliant in blowing out the water that lurks in those difficult to reach places where the water subsequently runs out when the car is moved. One of my cars is a Morris Minor Traveller (with the wood) and previously I haven't been able to dry around and behind the wood, but I can with the car dryer. I also no longer have to struggle to dry the alloy wheels on my other cars by hand; just blast them with the dryer and they dry perfectly.

    Finally, I have used the dryer for a number of other useful purposes, for example, for blowing out the leaves stuck in the air vents.

    Would I recommend this product? Absolutely, it is brilliant
    Name Colin Beale
    Colin Beale - 14-Jan-2019
    Rating: 5
    Comment Thanks for the great service .
    The Side Kick Dryer has arrived.
    Name Paul Lund
    Paul Lund - 26-Jul-2018
    Rating: 5
    Comment The sidekick just arrived today and as I planned to clean my car, I thought I'd give it a shot and it does work well! Many thanks for your warm and speedy customer service.
    Name Abu Razzaque
    Abu Razzaque - 07-Mar-2018
    Rating: 5
    Comment Just a quick note to say I am very happy with my Sidekick Dryer and pleased you recommended that I also buy the flexible hose.

    Not only does it blow out water but it was great in the engine bay at blowing out the muck that accumulates in places you can’t reach.
    Name David Harriss
    David Harriss - 23-Mar-2017
    Rating: 5
    Comment I bought a Side Kick & went for the 3ft accessory hose, I am so glad I did as it makes drying all of the difficult to reach parts of the bike easy & most of all it doesn't make your wrist ache manoeuvring the Side Kick around!
    Name Paul Stewart
    Paul Stewart - 21-Feb-2017
    Rating: 5
    Comment I did not buy a hose with my Side Kick as I was not sure how good it would be. I was really surprised how well it worked, it's very powerful for such a small unit.

    I then ordered a 3ft hose, it has made Drying so much easier now that I really like using it, it is so much easier, the only downside is I had to pay another £5.94 carriage!!! Great product 5 star rating!
    Name Mark Baretta
    Mark Baretta - 21-Feb-2017
    Rating: 5
    Comment Brilliant service and products. Better price than other sites I've visited. Highly recommended.
    Name Frances Carter
    Frances Carter - 21-Feb-2017
    Rating: 5
    Comment Hi there,

    I just recived my Sidekick Dryer and just wanted to say thanks for a great service.

    Thank you
    Name Matthew Woolnough
    Matthew Woolnough - 21-Feb-2017
    Rating: 5
    Comment I am really pleased with my Side Kick and it has made a huge difference to cleaning and polishing Cleaning and drying my bike has never been easier. My Triumph Thunderbird has a serious amount of chrome and drying has always been real chore. It has lots of books and crannies and get to them has always been a challenge but my Side Kick made all that a thing of the past.

    Getting to those concealed and difficult places was simple and the dry smear free finish has reduced the work load and time in getting a spotless bike.
    Name Frank Bamford
    Frank Bamford - 21-Feb-2017

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