SUPERFLEX Extension Hose w/adapter 38mm - 12ft/3.75m; 24ft/7.5m; 36ft/11.25m; 49ft/15m

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 A lighter duty, extremely flexible hose to extend the standard 10ft Metro heavy duty hose.

A 1.5"/38mm OD hose with bonded connector (12ft/3.75m hose shown in image).

Fits all original equipment heavy duty Metro hoses (does not fit High Performance hoses).

  • Lengths 12/24/36/49ft.
  • Bonded cuff.
  • Hose made in Europe.
  • Suitable to extend all MetroVac original 38mm/1.5" hoses.



Our advice

This is the answer for your Metro Blaster, Master Blaster or Revolution Dryer if you need a longer & more flexible hose than the standard 10ft supplied Metro hose.
Gorilla Glue is great for gluing & filling voids between cuffs on vac & dryer hoses. Mist the cuff with water from a spray bottle & apply a THIN coating of glue to the first 25mm of the hose, (i.e. half of the length of the internal thread of the cuff) then screw on, normally a left handed thread, put it over a vertical broom handle, wiping off any excess glue that may have expanded out beyond the cuff & leave to cure for 24hrs. If unsure ring 020 8445 6811. KB

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