DI Water Filter Pressure Vessel 25 Litres inc. hose lock fittings

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The resin vessel has a capacity of 25 litres, and used in conjunction with our  DI-151 resin can produce top quality water which is suitable for any pure water application. Perfect for car or motorcycle rinsing, detailing, valeting, cleaning windows, conservatories by hand or by pole, aquatics & drinking water.

The perfect water filter system for the mobile car & motorcycle detailer or the enthusiast with several vehicles to wash & who wants to leave a water spot & streak free finish after the final rinse. 

  • Filters approx. 7000 litres of water*
  • *Depending on the grade of resin used.
  • *Your local water hardness.
  • Easy hose connection with the included hose lock connectors.
  • wall & van mounting bracket available. 
  • High grade DI resin available for self refills.
  • Easy refill funnel available.
  • Easy environmental disposal of the spent resin in your household recycling.
  • Can be supplied filled with DI 151 Resin or loose.


  • 950mm/38" diameter, 35" high, 4kgs empty.
  • 25.0 litre capacity
  • Maximum pressure: 10.5 bar (150 psi)
  • Maximum temperature: 49°C (120°F)
  • Minimum temperature 1°C (34°F)
  • Maximum vacuum: 127 mm Hg (5" Hg)
  • Vessel approved for water filtration use only
  • Vessel must not be exposed to temperature below -29°C (-20°F)
  • 2 hose lock fittings

Our advice

The 25l capacity when filled with our DI-151 resin will filter up to 7000 litres of water to give spot & streak free finishes, meaning less frequent resin changes. We recommend rolling the cylinder once a month to keep the resin mixed. Nice & portable' but we also have a wall mounting/steady bracket available.

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