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Water spots are the stains of mineral deposits such as calcium and magnesium left after water evaporates. When caught soon, mineral deposits can be wiped away easily. However, if left, the spots become tougher to remove and will need to be removed using a clay bar. In some cases, water spots can etch deeper in the surface of your vehicle’s paint causing permanent damage requiring wet sanding, polishing or even repainting.

Water Spot Remover works on glass, paint, and metal to erase alkaline water mineral stains. You can also use water spot remover on your headlights, chrome, and even on the wheels!

Simple to use spray-on, hose-off water spot remover formula that’s safe for all exterior surfaces. Water Spot Remover breaks down the mineral deposits that cause water spot etching. Polishing may be required to eliminate deep etching after using DIY Detail Water Spot Remover.

For the best results, clean surface dirt off your paint and/or glass before applying Water Spot Remover.

Why Choose Water Spot Remover?

  • Removes water spot stains as well as paint, glass and metal build-up.
  • Effortless removal of water spot stains.
  • Protection against future water spots as it prepares the surface for wax protection.
  • Creates a smooth feeling on gloss surfaces.

Size: 473ml (16oz)

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