Dr Beasley's Matte Body Wash 12oz/360ml - 32oz/946ml

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 Dr Beasley’s Matt Body Car Wash is a pH balanced shampoo specifically designed to wash matt paint and vinyl wrapped vehicles.

Flattening agents in matt paint cannot be cleaned by normal car wash soap. Traditional car shampoos contain glossing agents and fillers which can ruin the finish of matt paintwork. This formula contains no fillers or glossing agents to ensure it’s safe for use on matt finishes.

This premium soap leaves a flat, even sheen after removing dirt, grime, bugs and debris from your car’s paintwork. It also contains pH balanced surfactants which nourish the paintwork and will not strip matt paint coatings, meaning your paint is still protected.


  • MATTE BODY WASH is a matte and satin finish-safe wash soap, formulated without wax, paraffin, silicones or fillers to preserve the finish in factory condition. Utilizes active surfactants to lift out and remove contamination, cleaning the paint to help maintain an even, healthy finish.
  • SAFE FOR MATTE FINISHES - No-filler formulation preserves factory appearance with no shine or gloss added.
  • REMOVES DIRT & GRIME - Active surfactants lift out and remove contamination for a cleaner, healthier finish.
  • SATIN & GLOSSY FINISH COMPATIBLE - Appearance-preserving formula works with satin and glossy paint.
  • GREAT ON MATTE WRAPS - Features multi-substrate compatibility to be safe on matte wraps and film.
  • Contains no fillers or polishes to keep your car's matt finish like new.
  • pH balanced so won't strip paint protectants or harm matt finishes.
  • Safe to use on vinyl wraps.
  • Available in 12oz/360ml or 32oz/946ml.

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