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Flowliner Bio Rust


Prepare the fuel tank by removing any fuel taps, sensors, filters etc. All exits & threads must be protected & sealed to prevent any leakage. Seal with either a blanking plate, cork or wooden dowel. Internal threads can be sealed with an old petrol tap or a blanking plug. Grease the blanking bolt & screw into the inside of the petrol tank to a depth of about 3mm.

The fuel tank must be thoroughly clean making sure that all traces of stale fuel and oil have been removed. Heavily soiled tanks may have to be cleaned with a hot detergent wash to remove grease and oil deposits. On smooth surfaces it is advisable to sand blast or use sharp decking screws to etch the area prior to coating. If your tank is rusty, treat with a rust remover such as FLOWLINER BIO-RUST a biodegradable safe method of treating rusty components .

Mix the FLOWLINER BIO-RUST@ a ratio of up to 20 parts of hot water to 1 part of FLOWLINER BIO-RUST, as a guide a one kilogram unit of FLOWLINER BIO-RUST will treat up to a 20 to 30 litre tank. When the tank is full leave for 12 to 24 hours do not leave the tank sealed up. It may be necessary to leave the FLOWLINER BIO-RUST to soak for up to a week if severely rusted, checking every 24 hours is advised.

Once the rust has been removed drain the fluid into a plastic container, this can now be saved as a dipping solution for any other rusty items. If any rust is still evident in the tank it can be removed by agitating the tank with some sharp gravel, sand, lengths of small chains or nuts & bolts in a litre of FLOWLINER BIO-RUST, then wash the tank thoroughly with a hot mild detergent wash, a final rinse with a litre of the used Bio-Rust, empty and let this thoroughly dry, this will protect the steel before the coating process. Make sure your tank is perfectly dry especially around any welded seams.

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