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Grit Guard PRS Pad Renewing Solution is a biodegradable pad cleaner for all foam and wool pads.

PRS was developed to accelerate the cleaning effectiveness of Grit Guard’s Universal Pad Washer. The special formula breaks down and releases dried and hardened product from old pads and restores them to their original condition.

If polish or wax is not adequately removed from pads, the residue can be reactivated when the pad is used again. This cross-contamination can affect the performance of products and leave an uneven or streaky finish on your vehicle.

Grit Guard Pad Renewing Solution eliminates all product residue, even petroleum-based products.

If you don’t have a Grit Guard Pad Washer, use PRS in conjunction with a foam pad conditioning brush.

  • Foam, Microfibre & Wool  pads.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Pump spray.
  • 473ml/16oz

Our advice

Just spray onto the pad & use with your pad washer or spray & leave to dwell on the pad to breakdown the compound/polish, use a Braun pad brush & then thoroughly wash under running water or rinse in a bucket, squeeze out & you are good to go again.

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