Resin Ion Exchange MB-151 10 litres

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MB-151 Ion Exchange Premium Resin is the perfect medium for use in water filtration systems for car & motorcycle rinsing in hard & soft water areas where water spotting is a problem. When used correctly the MB-151 resin will totally eliminate water spotting on the final rinse, great on hard to reach conservatory & windows at home or at work too.

The mixed bed ion exchange resin is a mixture of highly purified, super regenerated strong acid cation and strong base anion resins in a 40:60 volume ratio. It is recommended for any non regenerable mixed bed applications where reliable production of the highest quality water is required, and where the resin must have an absolute minimum of ionic and non ionic contamination before it is used. Any pre-contamination in the resin is only reducing the amount of time you can use your resin for, so a higher quality resin will last you for longer. This mixed bed formulation is regarded in the pure water industry as the best performing mixed bed de-ionisation resin, consistently outlasts every other brand, pound for pound.

  • 10 litres MB-151 Resin in supplied in sealed plastic buckets with lid & handle.

Our advice

The best Ion Exchange resin we have tried, giving perfect results even in the hardest water areas. Spot & streak free results.

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