Lake Country HDO Pro Pack – 5.5” Pads Kit

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This Lake Country HDO Pro Pack is a kit containing five Heavy Duty Orbital pads to cover each stage of the polishing process.

The pack contains:

  • Microfibre Heavy Cutting Pad HDO (blue border)
  • One-Step Light Cutting Pad HDO (orange border)
  • Blue Heavy Polishing Pad HDO CCS
  • Orange Polishing Pad HDO CCS
  • Black Finishing Pad HDO CCS

All pads fit 5 inch backing plates.

The Blue Heavy Polishing Pad tackles heavier defects, the Orange Polishing Pad is a powerful all-rounder, the Black Finishing Pad provides ultimate gloss, the Microfibre Heavy Cutting Pad provides maximum cut and control, and the One-Step Light Cutting Pad cuts and polishes in one step.

HDO pads are dual-layered and this reduces lateral/horizontal movement, resulting in a reduction of molecular friction inside the pad which increases durability by eliminating excessive heat & reduces foam fatigue.

The foam pads feature a tapered edge which prevents the pad rolling and provides great pad rotation. This makes them great for curved and contoured panels, and allows for precision polishing in tight areas.

Centre ventilated cooling channels dissipate heat away from the centre of the pad, reducing temperatures and increasing durability. The system also allows for perfect pad alignment.

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