Lake Country Force Mini Hybrid Foam Pad 1"

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Lake Country 1" Force Mini Hybrid Foam Pads allow you to reach areas that other pads cant get to. These mini foam pads are perfect to use with the Flex PXE80 range of cordless polishers. Great for the small painted areas on mirrors, grills, and exhaust vents, and on interior painted or piano black surfaces!

They are available in five types, providing you with a product for each stage of the paint correction, polishing, and waxing process.

Grey Foam - Heavy cutting pad

These pads work great for heavy defect removal and spot repair, but also work great for polishing on very hard clear coats.

Orange Pad - Cutting Pad

These pad works great for cutting in cool conditions and can also be used as a light cutting pad in warner conditions. The foam softens with heat throughout the polishing cycle to give a good cutting ability whilst still finishing well.

White Pad - Polishing

These pads are for polishing and leave a perfect finish on many paints types. The partially closed-cell construction helps stick the compound to the surface of the pad to maximize results.

Black Pad - Finishing

These hybrid black foam pads are the perfect solution for any finish work, even on the softest, and challenging paints. The soft texture combined with a slightly denser body creates the perfect balance for finishing.

Red Pad - Waxing 

These red pads are the ideal solution when applying your favorite wax or sealant. The foam is softer than the black pad, whilst still firm enough to hold most of your wax or sealant on the paint, and not soaked into the pad.

All 1" pads measure 45mm across the pad face and 34mm across the pad base so are great for use with a 1 - 1 1/4" Inch Backing Plate.

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