Lake Country Purple Foamed Wool Buffing/Polishing Pad - Effective Paint Correction

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Lake Purple Foamed Wool Buffing/Polishing Pads 85mm/140mm/165mm 3.5"/5.5"/6.5" - 25mm thick.

What is Foamed Wool?

The new low profile version of the Purple Foamed Wool pads is designed for effective paint correction with a fine finish. The pad features a patented nanofoam process that encapsulates the base of the lambs wool fibres with microscopic polyfoam particles to help prevent caking and matting. The manufactured wool stands up better than natural wool pads to provide more cushion against the paint. The denser wool finishes like a foam pad so you get perfect paint in fewer steps.

This 1" thick pad means much less clogging and product wastage. It works well on dual action polishers increasing the level of cut possible.

  • Awesome Performance - Pad cuts like natural sheepskin wool but finishes like a foam pad. Aggressively removes P1500 grit scratches, leaving a fantastic finish with no hazing by reducing compounding swirls.
  • Denser Body - The foamed fibres resist caking and matting. Foaming process also creates minute air pockets at the base of the fibres, which improves cushioning and retention of compounds and polishes.
  • Great Quality - The unique manufacturing process produces a uniform material, resulting in consistent pad performance , unlike performance reducing variances that can occur with natural sheepskin pads.
  • Minimal Linting - The Foaming process locks in the lambs wool fibres, significantly reducing linting.
  • Outstanding Appearance - Very distinctive purple colour for easy identification.

Available in:

  • 6.5"/165mm x 25mm
  • 5.5"/140mm x 25mm
  • 3.5"/85mm x 25mm

Sold individually.

Our advice

One of our favourite 1500 pads, the purple wool & foam mix gives superb results, doesn't clog up either.

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