MetroVac Master Blaster Inflator/Deflator 110V

MetroSKU: MB-3CDM-UK 110V 16amp IP44 3 pin plug

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The MetroVac Master Blaster Inflator/Deflators twin motor assembly is for rapid inflation of larger structures & inflatables. Available in 110V configurations. 

  • The Master Blaster Inflator/Deflator has a robust outer steel casing with an optional choice of mounting platforms - see accessories.
  • Fitted with 2 heavy duty commercial 110 volt nominal 1200 watt 10 amp motors. 
  • The patent twin fan motor assembly ensures 100% duty cycle to ensure continuous inflation/deflation. 
  • Supplied with a standard HD 5ft hose & nozzle assembly.
  • Low maintenance with just regular cleaning/changing of the foam filter to ensure good airflow to cool the motor & prevent overheating, ensuring long life. 
  • Available with 16A 110V 4H IP44 plug or USA 120V 3 pin plug.
  • Special order only.

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