Micro-Restore Microfibre Cleaning Concentrate 946ml

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This microfibre detergent provides excellent cleaning performance to effectively remove stubborn soils and oily residue from microfibre, cotton and chamois material. Micro-Restore microfibre detergent emulsifies dirty motor oil, greasy soils, car wax and protein stains, and suspends them for complete removal in the rinse cycle. This microfibre towel detergent restores like new performance through several hundred cleanings. Micro-Restore detergent is an optimised blend of chelating agents, surfactants, and builders in an aqueous system. 

Why is Micro-Restore better than your common household detergent?
Micro-Restore microfibre cleaning solution is better than your common household detergent because most detergents and laundry soaps have some form of bleach and fabric softener included in their formulas (even when they say they don't there are small traces). Over time bleach breaks down the micro-fibres, and fabric softeners clog the microscopic pours that make microfibre so effective, rendering the microfibre product less effective with each washing.

Not only will Micro-Restore detergent extend the life of your microfibre, but the microfibre cleaning solution's special blend of cheleating agents, surfactants, and builders will more effectively remove the heavy residue (wax, oil, grease, break dust, and other chemicals) that becomes implanted in microfibre products when used in heavy cleaning situations (car care).

However all of the polishes, waxes, oils, and chemicals that we apply and remove with our microfiber towels, won't benefit from cleaning with household detergent.

Micro-Restore is great for treating, cleaning and preparing microfibres because it is a powerful degreaser,  without any bleach or fabric softeners, both of which mean certain slow death for microfibres. Micro-Restore works to remove all of the products that are naturally absorbed by microfibres. Meaning they are cleaned thoroughly, opening the millions of "pores" which allows them to do their job to the best of their ability, therefore extending their life.

Micro-Restore's concentrated aqueous formula is a special blend of surfactants, emulsifiers, chelating agents and water softeners. The combination of ingredients in Micro-Restore has the power to break down all chemicals and heavy residues and remove them. The water softeners in the formula neutralizes calcium and magnesium in hard water that causes towels to stiffen over time. Micro-Restore is the ultimate cleaner for microfibers because it rids them of all products without ruining their structure.

And the great news is that it is biodegradable

946 ml.

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