Nenette Original Car Duster - Impregnated with Nenetol Wax Polish


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Sold for more than 50 years, the authentic Nenette Original Car Duster has been used by detailers for generations. Made in France since 1947, the brush is a tried and tested design which works for dashboards, bodywork, and even household furniture when you've finished cleaning your car.
  • The original and best car duster in today’s market.
  • Great for removing dust from polished surfaces & dashboards.
  • Impregnated with a petroleum wax based liquid polish.
  • The liquid polish ( Nenetol ) will pick up & absorb dust particles whilst polishing the surface.
  • Safe on all automotive finishes.

Our advice

Perfect for the car or motorcycle collector who wants to keep the dust off rather than keep washing, especially as it is not always possible to move the vehicles into the wash bay on a regular basis. Rechargeable Nenetol available. Note will give matt finishes a satin appearance.

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