Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Injector Fully Synthetic Injector or Pre-Mix 2-Stroke Oil 1L - Easy Mixing & Ultra Clean Burning

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Rock Oil Synthesis 2 Injector 2T oil is a fully synthetic lubricant which comes with full JASO and TISI approval.

  • Smokeless

  • Easy mixing

  • Ultra clean burning

  • High lubricity

  • High shear stability

  • Excellent fluidity

  • Latest spec - JASO FD & TISI

  • Bottle is graded in 100ml gradients for easy mixing

Synthesis 2 injector is a full synthetic 2 stroke lubricant for use in injector systems and can also be used as a premix if required. It comes with full JASO and TISI approval. This oil can be mixed with all other 2 stroke oils except castor based products and will not mix with methanol.

For premix use : use up to 50:1 and always following the manufacturers recommendation.

Mix thoroughly.

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