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Lifts the front or rear wheels on most Harley, Indians, Victory, Triumph & Japanese cruisers with parallel frame tubes.

StrongArm is a lightning fast Front or Rear wheel lift/jack that works on simple leverage, after locating in the desired position you simply apply a downward pressure to the Arm and up comes the bike safe and sound.

StrongArm has height adjustment built in so that it can be quickly set to use with the highest or lowest of cruisers, Great for cleaning those wheels or even removing them!

Nothing comes close to the speed and reliability of StrongArm, it was designed for Harley Davidson motorcycles but will work with all other cruisers that have a Duplex (twin rail) frame.

The top roller is heavily protected with re-enforced PVC tubing to protect your bikes precious paintwork!


Wipe/degrease the bottom frame rails before you lift the motorcycle.

For added safety when the front wheel is raised chock the rear wheel & when the rear is raised put a cable tie or rubber band holding the front brake lever on. 


Customer Reviews

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Ahmed Ayub

I use this strongarm to lift my Harley Fatboy when i am wanting to give the wheels a good clean or need the back wheel to stay lifted when storing bike for long periods of time.

Thanks for the recommendation Colin.

Yes it is a simple but very effective bit of kit to lift the wheels on cruisers, baggers, bobbers, choppers etc. Remember wipe any oil from the lower frame rails before lifting & to choc the un-lifted wheel & band the front brake lever to keep it stable - then you are good to go. Colin

Dave Lawman
Lifts my Harley a treat

Tried a scissor lift & the bike wobbled around feeling like it was going to fall off! The strong arm is perfect for a wheel free lift (front or rear) for cleaning the wheels & oiling the chain.

I use one on my table lift as it is a quick & easy wheel lift. Colin

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