Citrus Pre-Wash Mini 200ml

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PERFECT for when you need a deeper clean than Snow Foam supplied with a Foamer Head.

Winners Citrus Pre-Wash Super Concentrate degreases and cleans general dirt and grease on exteriors, interiors and engine bays.

  • Perfect as a pre-wash on bug splatter, traffic film, heavier road grime, sill and wheel arch dirt.
  • Removes interior grease and grime when worked into material coverings and carpets with a brush and then sponged or wet vac off.
  • Cleans engine bay covers and components of oil mist, road dust and traffic film.
  • Perfect for when you need a deeper clean than achieved with Snow Foam.
  • Professional quality cleaner.
  • Blended with cleaning agents and water softeners for multi-use cleaning.


  • Dilute to suit soiling to be removed – it is super concentrated (see table below).
  • Agitate with a brush for deep cleaning and re-apply if necessary.
  • For interiors, always try a discreet area first.
  • Do not let the surface dry out – rinse well with water.


  • LIGHT: 1 to 8 (5 litres Citrus Pre-Wash to 40 litres water
  • MEDIUM: 1 to 4 (5 litres Citrus Pre-Wash to 20 litres water)
  • HEAVY: 1 to 1 (5 litres Citrus Pre-Wash to 5 litres water).

Now in a convenient 200ml size bottle.

Our advice

Pre-washing your vehicle is an important stage as it helps to remove excess dirt and grime that would otherwise later be swirled across the paint surface with a noodle mitt

Customer Reviews

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Stuart Collins

Again, wow! Diluted this 100ml product to 400ml water in trigger spray. Sprayed lower half of Transit Tourneo, which was a good 4 months worth of motorway and A roads driving. Sprayed in a dry vehicle, no pre wash left to dwell for about 4 minutes, it cold so no chance of drying on paintwork. Pressure washed off and I could see the dirt coming off. Would the pressure washer do without the citrus? Mmmm, probably yes though I don’t think it would get it all. The citrus, I think, helped soften, loosen attack the dirt as I couldn’t see any left. It also looked like it softened some tar spots, assuming they were tar spots.

Yes you are right Winners Citrus is especially good at breaking down & loosening the winter grime, prior to a gentle hand wash. Thanks for your observations - Colin.

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