Slick Screen & Glass Sealant 200ml

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Winners Detailing Slick Screen & Glass Sealant is a specially formulated hydrophobic rain repellent coating giving excellent visibility even at low speeds and on wet nights. Reduces the build up of natural and traffic film dirt, giving a shudder and streak free screen when using the wipers.

  • Excellent rain repellence, up to 6 months protection.
  • Reduces traffic film, bird droppings and tree sap adhesion.
  • Helps removal of ice from screens and glass.
  • Safe to use on windscreens and all exterior glass.


  • Clean screen with IPA (Isopropanol 99%) and allow to dry.
  • Apply drops evenly to a sponge applicator with the dropper, do not soak the applicator, just randomly for a light coating.
  • Spread evenly on the screen or glass in a circular motion to create a haze and allow to cure for 5 minutes.
  • Buff with a clean microfibre until clear.
  • Excessive hazing can be removed with a light wipe with a lint free cloth and IPA to remove any excess.
  • Do not use when the glass is hot or in freezing temperatures.
  • Remove with a detergent cleaner if in contact with paint, plastic or trims.

Our advice

Easy to apply with long lasting results. Our Ceramic coating for windscreens & all exterior body glass is also great on glass shower screens, patio doors & home windows too! Clean the glass thoroughly, wipe with IPA WDIPA99901& apply the coating evenly with an applicator pad WDAPC01/3 or a lint free pad & lightly buff to finish. Transforms your drive on a dark wet night with a clear screen.

Customer Reviews

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keith hicks
Slick screen glass sealant

Used this new product for the first time on my wife's brand new car easy to apply does not take long Buffs up dries translucent. The result are amazing the water just beads off the glass I would highly recommend this product to anybody for a very professional finish

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