Premium Diamond Weave Drying Cloth 500gsm - 60cm x 60cm

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A Premium Microfibre drying cloth sandwiched between 2 layers of Diamond Weave Microfibre giving outstanding water removal like no other cloth.

  • 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide
  • Ultrafine Microfibre
  • 0.13 Denier
  • 500gsm
  • 60cm x 60cm
  • Yellow

Our advice

Not quite a Marmite thing as many customers use both, but we generally prefer the 500gsm Diamond Weave over the bulk of our 1000gsm drying towel, much more controllable, easier to handle, & wring out. Half of the bulk of the 1000gsm towel, but absorbing the same volume of water, both are cracking products!

Customer Reviews

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Martin W
My go to drying cloth

I’ve tried all sorts of drying cloths over the years but this is the one that hits the sweet spot. Very absorbent and gentle with a pretty amazing capacity. Perfect for use on highly polished finishes.

It's a marmite thing - drying cloth or towel. I prefer the 3 layered diamond weave cloth - far more manageable especially on the lower half of the vehicle. Thanks for the review. Colin.

Dave Worrall
Fastest delivery time ever...

Thank you for the excellent service, fastest delivery time I've ever had, ordered 3 diamond weaves at 5:30pm & received them the next day at 12 noon many thanks.

Best drying cloth I have used

Always used microfibre towels but not any more.Wish I had found this product years ago. Can dry my car with just one diamond weave cloth.really recommend this product.

Hi Andy thanks for the review - the Diamond Weave has been my go to drying cloth since I first tried it - super performance with half the bulk of a towel.

Robert Harris
Good quality

I purchased the Premium Diamond Weave Drying Cloth at the NEC Classic car show in November last year and its the best cloth I have ever bought for absorbing water, I can wipe the whole car in one attempt, I highly recommend this cloth for making life much easier when cleaning my car.

Stuart Stratford
The best drying towels

These Diamond weave microfiber drying towels are the best drying towels I have come across - they leave the best finish on an already waxed cars and wet windows. Unlike the waffle weave towels they do not require priming ( making them damp) before using. I can dry a BMW 3 series of which isn't a small car with one towel with minimal wringing out!!!! With this towel I actually enjoy drying process with them.

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