Premium Drying Towel 1000gsm 80cm x 60cm - Excellent for Drying, Buffing or Polishing

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The ultimate in high quality premium drying towels.

  • The thick plush texture is also ideal for removing any coating applied to the surface with ease. This 80cm x 60cm towel is excellent for drying, buffing or polishing.
  • This high polyamide content towel ensures almost no surface damage as the splitting process produces a very soft material ideal for use on sensitive surfaces. The high 30% polyamide content improves the cleaning effect over lower priced 20% polyamide towels.
  • The thick 1000 gsm makes removing water very easy due to its thick pile. This towel is ultra soft. A premium quality towel with soft hemming that will not scratch or damage painted and clear coated surfaces on your bike.
  • Amazing wicking properties designed to retain water.
  • Wash these towels at a low temperature of 30/40 deg C. If washed at higher temperatures up to 95 deg C, expect up to 5% shrinkage in the initial few washes at very high temperatures.
  • Can be laundered over 500 times. Tumble dry as it 'opens' up the fibres.
  • DO NOT use fabric softener, this will reduce the towels effectiveness. 


  • Size: 80cm x 60cm
  • Weight: 1000gsm
  • Blend: 70% polyester and 30% polyamide.
  • Denier: 0.13 Ultra fine Microfibre.
  • Hem: Soft Hem

Our advice

Normal towels tend to leave behind lint and can scratch the surface over time. Winners Premium dedicated super absorbent quality microfibre towel with a weight of 1000gsm is designed to dry the surface on your car giving peace of mind that it will not leave swirls & scratches behind.

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