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Winners Wash Degreaser

Winners Wash Degreaser is specially formulated to remove surface road film which harbours burnt hydrocarbons, brake dust & dirt which eats into the protective wax finish, clear coat & eventually the paint finish itself, causing hours of paint restoration & if not treated paint damage. The go to non solvent degreaser, perfect for cleaning oil & grease residues, 

  • Removes brake dust, diesel & petrol exhaust & airborne contaminates.
  • Perfect for removing polish, waxes, oil & grease residues.
  • Easy wash & rinse.
  • Environmentally friendly.

1 litre

Our advice

Great to remove excess dirt like bug splats and general road grime in order to prepare the car for washing with Ph neutral shampoo

Customer Reviews

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Ultra valeting
Very good product

Used this amazing product on recommendation from Colin on a motorbike I had into clean. It’s got some really good cleaning power. Really recommend this to anyone.

Thanks for the review, I developed the Wash Degreaser when we had an All Year Biker motorcycle cleaning & protection franchise in London as at the time there wasn't a good wash degreaser on the market only degreasers that then needed washing off with a detergent shampoo, that was back in 2014. It is still the same original formula, well it is difficult to improve the best! Colin

Very impressed first time user

My car was in a bad way, having been neglected for a long time. Colin advised that I should start off using some Winners Wash Degreaser, brushing it into all the corners and where the trim meets the bodywork. Spraying a bit on and working it into the dirty areas with the brush (including some nasty looking green bits), I could see the improvement straightaway. I was advised not to let it dry, so I worked an area then rinsed it off and moved on to another area. The results were amazing and, after an overall wash with their Frequent Shampoo, the car looked absolutely incredible, gleaming in the sunshine, something it hasn't done for a long while!

Hi Phil glad it worked well it is one of my go to products to hard hit grime build up!

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