Wicked Wheels Iron Out 5 Litre - Brake Dust Remover for Alloy, Chrome & Painted Wheels

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Winners Wicked Wheels Iron Out

Wicked Wheels is formulated with an active ingredient to remove brake dust ferrous contamination. The formulation lifts & dissolves the brake dust into a red water soluble solution. Safe to use on all wheels: alloy, chrome & painted.


Our advice

You should use Winners Iron Out before claying your car. Iron out will help to get rid of as many iron particles as possible before using physical decontamination methods like clay which is safer for the paint.

Customer Reviews

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Jay Davies

Best I’ve used for a while 🤙🏼

Ryan Coogan

Very effective, cost efficient effortlessly cleans the wheels. Added bonus safe to use on panels for iron decontamination process. Top product highly recommended

Wessex Automotive Detailing
Highly Effective Wheel Cleaner - even when diluted down!

This has become my 'go to' wheel cleaner after trying out numerous other brands that claim to be effective. I dilute this 1:3 parts water and it still manages to clean really grimy wheels - only having to resort to using it neat for proper baked on brake dust. Even when diluted down it still out performs other fallout removers I have tried in the past.

It is great for your regular maintenance decon of the wheel rims & body fallout, as you say even when diluted. Colin.

Steven Tyler
Best Wheel Cleaner Around

Great results with minimal effort, really does make light work of even the dirtiest wheels. I also use this as an iron fallout remover by making a 50/50 water mix.

You are spot on - strong enough to remove brake dust but gentile on coatings, diamond cuts, chrome spokes & painted rims. Make a perfect body fallout remover - dilute to suite the degree of contamination. Thanks for the review. Colin.

Powerful Commercial Grade Iron Remover

I recently bought this today from Colin, who recommended Wicked Wheels to remove brake dust and body contaminants. This product is POWERFUL at removing brake dust and even does better than other popular brands such as Auto Finesse and Meguiars. It does better than a local commercial-grade supplier's product regarding iron decontamination. You only need one spray (or two if the wheels are badly contaminated) and a small amount of brush agitation, and all of the brake dust comes off once rinsed with a pressure washer.

For £36, you can't complain.

A+++ product and I will be using and restocking again!

Hi James thank you for the review, it is super concentrated with good dwell, so you use less but still is extremely effective at breaking down fall out & brake dust contamination from the body & wheels (for light body fallout dilute with water 4 to 1 or as necessary) - glad you like it. Colin.

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