DIY Detail: Elevate Your Auto Detailing Game with Pro-Grade Products

Killer Brands now stock a great range of DIY Detail products, they are all about empowering you to achieve professional-level results in detailing from the comfort of your own garage. 


A Passionate Partnership

DIY Detail was co-founded by Nick and Yvan Lacroix. Nick, a seasoned professional detailer, was always on the hunt for the best products to create that showroom-worthy finish on every vehicle.

In 2019, he hosted Yvan for a training session at his shop. It was during this meeting that their partnership was forged.

Yvan brought a wealth of industry experience, a practical approach, and an efficiency honed over decades of detailing. Nick, on the other hand, contributed his unwavering passion for all things detailing.Together, they made a formidable team.

Teaching and Sharing the Love

What truly set them apart was their unique teaching approach. When they collaborated on Nick's YouTube channel, viewers quickly appreciated their back-and-forth style of teaching and their shared enthusiasm for understanding the intricacies of detailing.

This feedback from viewers encouraged them to explore their partnership further.

Turning Dreams into Reality

Over the years, Nick and Yvan continued to stay in touch, sharing ideas and refining their vision. In 2021, their dreams finally materialized into something extraordinary—a pro-grade product line that met Nick's high standards as a discerning detailer while remaining accessible for anyone, even Nick's own dad, to use. Yes, that includes teaching him how to polish paint!


Join the DIY Detail Movement

By supporting DIY Detail, you're not just buying products from us at Killer Brands ; you're becoming a part of a community dedicated to achieving perfection in auto detailing.

So, gear up, get your hands on thee pro-grade products, and let's transform your auto detailing game together!

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DIY Detail


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