Claying Your Bike

One of the important detailing stages in preparation for the application of a high-quality wax or ceramic coating is claying your bike. Especially certainly if you're looking for a classy result. In detailing, preparation is the most important stage which totally impacts on the end result.

To set the record straight Bike Clay is not actually made from clay, It’s a clever mixture of polybutene resin and abrasive particles in differing grades and is designed to remove the really stuck on contamination that iron remover and the likes simply don't from the surface of your paintwork. Clay bars can also be used on glass and wheels in preparation for nano sealants.

*******An interesting fact the original inventor of the polymer detailing clay is Mister Tadao Kodate, a Japanese scientist who was looking for a safe way to remove contaminants from bodywork without using harsh chemicals or polishing compounds. ******

Our Clay Bars come in different ‘grades’ the grade refers to the volume of abrasive particles in the Clay. It's important that the correct grade is chosen for the car or bike you’re working on.

We have 200g Clay Bars in Coarse Grade in Purple, 100g Clay Bars in Medium Grade in Blue, and 100g Clay Bars in Fine Grade in Yellow. All of these are super safe quality for most paint surfaces and come with an optional plastic storage box.

Our Clay Mitts also come in Fine and Medium and we also have a great Clay cloth that removes contamination quicker and easier than a finer Clay grade, it's also quick and easy to use and unlike a Clay bar if dropped it can be washed off in a bucket of soapy shampoo.

Selecting the grade is not as complicated as it sounds, it depends on how badly contaminated the surface to be treated is, you can tell this by feel. Most Clay Bars and Mitts rely on a Clay Lubricant to work effectively.

Some companies sell products branded as Clay Lubricant; we love to use our Winners Detailer Deep Shine diluted 40ml per Ltr of water in our cost-effective 1L Spray Bottle with Spray/Foamer Head.

This works great for us and saves another product kicking around the studio that's not really needed. So what can our Clay Bars and Mitts be used for, as we mentioned they are designed to remove the really stuck on contamination such as sap, tar, bugs and such like. We would love you to sign up to receive details of our special offers direct to your inbox, to do so simply use the link below. 

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