At SEMA  the PXE 80 2.5 from Flex was hailed as the best small polisher for a long time. Since then they have been like gold dust.

We have been lucky enough to get our hands on the Set P to review what's in the box. Personally we love it and agree it's the best small polisher around and a good price compared to some others on the market.

The PXE 80 is a mini battery-powered polisher for reaching small areas such as bumpers, pillars, wheels and any of those difficult to reach places. The PXE 80 is equipped with a rotary adapter along with two eccentric adapters with different throws one being 3mm the other 12mm.

These can be swopped over via the quick-change system in seconds. Technology and craftsmanship are at the highest level - its equipped with all the modern refinements you would expect such as brushless motor, four-speed levels, LED battery indicator, three different backing plate sizes (1"", 2"", 3"") and multiple accessories.

It comes with a hard case, two batteries, a quick charger, three backing plates, and a 12mm, 3mm along with a rotary adapter. It's got a tremendously innovative quick-change system to enable users to swop from rotary to random orbital, to allow random orbital free-running work with either a 3mm or 12mm throw.

The PXE 80 is so flexible and easy, allowing spot sanding or finishing without creating any holograms all with one tool, so its the ideal complement device for every detailer. It's got a continuous speed control trigger, for a gentle start and a lock-on if you want continuous operation.

It also features a constant speed control and four-speed stages, displayed by a clearly visible LED's. The brushless motor gives much greater efficiency and longer service life. It's suitable for all the Flex 10.8 V battery packs.

You can find the Flex Dual Action Cordless PXE 80 2.5 polisher, here.




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