Improve Your Paintwork

If you're looking to improve your paintwork a single-stage paint correction may be all you need.

It's normally carried out using a rotary or DA machine polisher and its corrects minor paint swirls/marks, minor hologramming, fine scratches, and oxidation sometimes found in cars' paintwork (it's not done at this speed, as the video, would be a load longer if it was).
The purpose is to bring back some gloss & lustre to your car's paintwork. It also Improves the clarity and depth of your paintwork.
You can then lock in the gloss with a wax, sealant, or ceramic protection the choice is yours.

An ideal tool for beginners would be our Vertool DAS-21E Dual Action Polisher

It features an ergonomically shaped rubberised head that is both functional and comfortable to use. The included backing plates feature ventilated cooling channels to help reduce heat transfer.

The machine comes with a long 5 metre cable and is supplied with a 125mm (5") & 150mm (6") Backing plate.

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We also have a great range of compounds, polish and pads to suit all your needs



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