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I am always talking about treating your car the right way, and how certain methods can do more damage than good. One of my pet hates is supermarket car park washers

I was reminded again yesterday when I popped down to a local superstore, and found another microfibre in a compromising position, collecting bits of hedge just waiting to leap onto the next customer's car.

Which reminded me of an earlier post, as this would certainly cause more than marring! Are you aware that you may be creating swirl marks every time you wash or wipe down your car? This is actually the most common cause of marring.

The severity of the swirl marks does depend on the equipment you use to a certain extent, however its more likely to be made worse according to how you use them, and by any contaminants that are present.

Swirl marks and other marring show up more prominently on black and other dark colours because the sides of the marring reflect light. When you polish, the edges are rounded and thus reflection is reduced.

Here are a few causes of swirl marks:

  • Polishers/buffers with the incorrect pad Harsh polishing compounds and paint cleaners.
  • Microfibres and product applicators containing polyester threads.
  • A dirty chamois or a chamois that hasn’t been maintained.
  • Wiping down your dusty or dirty car with a dry towel.
  • Automated car washes with brushes
  • Supermarket car park washes.

And it doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. We've got a range of products to help you take care of your car and other vehicles in the right way, including cleaners, cloths, and detailing brushes.

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