DI Water Filter Pressure Vessel and Resin Kit - 7 litre Ready To Connect*

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This is the perfect water filter system for car & motorcycle enthusiasts who want to leave a water streak and spot free finish after the final rinsing. 

Used in conjunction with our premium DI-151 resin, the 7 litre capacity pressure vessel produces top quality water suitable for any pure water applications such as car & motorcycle washing/valeting/detailing, window cleaning by pole or hand, aquatics, and drinking water.


  • Filters approx. 900 litres of water**.
  • Supplied with 7 litres of high grade DI-151 resin to fill the vessel.
  • Easy hose connection with the hose lock adaptors and the hose lock hose end connectors supplied in the kit.
  • Easy set up with everything needed in the kit.
  • Easy environmental disposal of the spent resin in your household recycling.

*supplied filled with M151 resin, requires the inlet & outlet fittings to be fitted with the supplied PTFE tape - full simple instructions. Refilling is straight forward too!

** Depending on the local water hardness - based on a 300ppm water supply.


  • 7.0 litre capacity.
  • 162mm/6.4" diameter.
  • 510mm/20.1" high.
  • 1.95kgs empty.
  • Glass reinforced epoxy with a polyethene inner shell.
  • Maximum pressure: 10.5 bar (150 psi).
  • Maximum temperature: 49°C (120°F).
  • Minimum temperature 1°C (34°F).
  • Maximum vacuum: 127mm Hg (5" Hg).
  • Vessel approved for water filtration use only.
  • Vessel must not be exposed to temperature below -29°C (-20°F).
  • Vessel colour may vary supplied in blue or black.
  • Supplied with 7 litres of DI-151 resin.


  • Easy refill funnel available (WDFUN01).
  • Wall & van mounting bracket available (WD1542-ASS). 

How long/what size filter?
The larger the capacity of resin the longer/more rinses you will get.
The harder the water the shorter life the resin will have as it has to work harder to de-ionise.
So all filters will do the job but depending on the water hardness, the number of rinses & volume of water used will determine how long the resin will last.
The larger the cylinder, the less frequently you will have to replenish the resin.

As a general rule water is considered soft if total hardness is less than 75 ppm, moderately hard at 75 to 150 ppm, hard at 150 to 300 ppm, and very hard at 300 ppm or higher.

    Our advice

    Perfect for the home multi wash user, giving very high filtration to stop water spotting & streaking, whether left to naturally dry, by towel or Blaster Dryer. We recommend rolling the cylinder once a month to keep the resin mixed to give best results. Portable or use our wall/steady bracket.

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