Kwazar Venus 360 Super Pro+ Pump Up 1.5 Litre Sprayer


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The Kwazar Venus 360 Super Pro+ Pump Up 1.5 Litre Sprayer gives you the convenience of a pressure sprayer.  Simply pump the handle on top of the bottle to the desired pressure. Once reached, press the trigger and away you go!

The 1.5 litre bottle holds enough product to clean your whole vehicle and includes a level indicator that easily displays the product level. 

The heavy-duty and durable design is ideal for use with many car detailing products including snow foam, wheel cleaner, all-purpose cleaners and shampoo.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy pump-up action.
  • Adjustable spray pattern.
  • Multiple nozzle orientation. 
  • 360° pickup tube.
  • Allows for quick and precise coverage of the vehicle.
  • 1.5  Litre bottle easily holds enough product to pre-wash an entire vehicle.
  • Level indicator embossed on bottle in millilitres (ml) / litres (l).
  • Pressure release safety valve.
  • Solid stable base allows for easy storage and prevents tipping.
  • O-ring & seal kits stocked.

The Viton seals will last for plenty of washes, but when the time comes to replace them, we also stock the Kwazar Viton Service Seal Kit for the Venus Pro Sprayers and Hand Foamers. So why not order one at the same time as your sprayer or hand foamer so your Kwazar kit is already ready to go when you need to clean or detail any vehicle?

Our advice

Use with a wide range of water based interior & exterior cleaning, rinsing & sealing chemicals. The 360° pickup tube gives great coverage even when low on liquid allowing you to concentrate on the job not the sprayer. Replacement O-ring & seal kits available from stock. For alkaline chemicals use the Venus Super Alkaline dark blue 1.5L pump up sprayer WDSPV15ALK .

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