Lake Country Exhaust Polishing Pad

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Lake Country Exhaust Polishing Sponge

Polishing metal and Chrome exhausts can be challenging to say the least. You don't want to scratch or cause any lasting damage, but you do need to use some pressure to get rid of the caked-on dirt. Using a Brillo pad obviously isn't a viable option, and a microfiber towel just doesn't get the job done. Lake Country Exhaust Polishing Sponge has been made specifically for gently cleaning metal and is your best option when looking for the right tool. 

The open cell, the honeycomb-like pattern is abrasive enough to remove metal staining contaminants but gentle enough to not cause further damage. When used in conjunction with a metal polish, like Mothers. The Lake Country Exhaust Polishing Sponge wipes dirt away safely and effectively.

Lake Country Exhaust Polishing Sponge is round and very flexible. This allows you to contort the sponge and reach the interior of an exhaust pipe with ease. The gentle construction is safe to use on all types of metal, chrome, and even painted surfaces.

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