Lake Country Microfibre Pads 5.5in/140mm

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With years of testing, a complete line of 3 microfibre pads were created to tackle any job with a DA polisher. Using specific blends of microfibre and special bonding materials, we created these pads to have durability and longevity that is tough to compete with. Each pad offers its own unique blend of microfibre, paired with the appropriate foam interface to suit each purpose.

  • Precision Sizing - Minimal overhang for precision polishing and even pressure.
  • Special Blend of Material - Provides an amazing finishing ability resulting in a haze free luster.
  • Foam Interface - Foam provides greater durability and is optimized for user experience.
  • Hook and loop attachment
  • Fits 5" backing plate

3 versions available:

  1. Microfibre Cutting Blue Pad (LC-MF525CUT)
  2. Light Cutting One Step Orange Pad (LC-MF525OSP) 
  3. Microfibre Polishing Black Pad (LC-MF525POL)

We also stock the 83mm/3.25 inch size to fit a 3"/75mm backing plate, or the larger 6.5 inch/165mm versions for 6" backing plates.

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