Menzerna Marine Gelcoat Premium One-Step Polish


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Menzerna Marine Gelcoat Premium One-Step Polish polishes and generates high gloss on boat gelcoats.

This boat polish saves time by removing scratches and signs of use, while generating a gloss finish at the same time.

Menzerna Marine Gelcoat Premium One-Step Polish is a life-saver on large vessels, as it means only one application is required.

Cut: 8/10

Gloss: 8/10


  1. Before polishing clean the surface well.
  2. Shake the bottle and pour the product onto the polishing pad.
  3. Use the Menzerna Heavy Cut Foam Pad if there are signs of heavy use on the surface.
  4. When using a rotary polishing machine, work in a cross-pattern.
  5. At the beginning, run the polisher at a low speed and apply strong pressure on the polishing machine. In the final steps, increase the speed and reduce the pressure on the polishing machine.
  6. Apply the Gelcoat Premium One-Step Polish until only a slightly transparent or oily film can be seen and remove polish residues with a premium microfiber cloth.
  7. To increase the gloss of the surface even further, you can use the product a second time or you can apply the Gelcoat Premium Gloss afterwards. In both cases this step should be done with the Menzerna Soft Cut Foam Pad.

Size: 250ml

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