Rock Oil Synthesis 10W40 Full Synthetic Engine Oil For Motorcycles 4L

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Synthesis 10w40 is a high performance fully synthetic motorcycle 4 stroke oil for extremes. its wide viscosity range gives superior protection in all instances. combining the purest synthetic base stocks with advanced additive technology to give outstanding performance, reduce wear and keep all engine components clean.


  • Tri-Synthetic Formula includes Complex Ester, PAO and a proprietary next generation base oil.
  • Market leading salicylate additive technology.
  • Outstanding shear stability through use of active, self-healing Viscosity Modifiers.
  • Exceptionally low NOACK Volatility.
  • Employs market leading Anti-Wear additives.
  • Passes JASO T903 wet clutch friction test to highest level – JASO MA2 / JASO MA


  • Longer life to allow extended drain intervals in the most arduous applications and environments.
  • Maintains ultra clean internal engine components throughout drain interval.
  • Important for maintaining stay-in-grade viscosity and stable oil pressure throughout the life of the product.
  • 3 x lower oil consumption in a high temperature environment*
  • Up to 60% reduction in valve-train wear*
  • Assured use in motorcycle engines with combined crankcase, gearbox and oil immersed (wet) clutch.

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