S100 Total Cleaner 5L

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  • S100 Total Cleaner Plus is the Industry standard in motorcycle cleaning care.
  • It's designed to clean and protect a motorcycle with a single application, removing the need to buy other separate cleaners or corrosion inhibitors saving money and time.
  • It's PH neutral formula means S100 Total Cleaner is still tough on dirt but won't damage sensitive surfaces.
  • The unique German formula has been created to not leave behind water spots and the active Gel formula provides exceptional yield and cleaning action.
  • DO NOT USE on unlaquered aluminium, billet alloy or black chromated components such as metal radiator pipes!
  • 5 Litres.

Our advice

A very popular motorcycle & car engine bay cleaner, do not use it on hot engines or exhaust or in direct sunlight - only use on cool surfaces. Do not allow to dry, once agitated with a brush rinse well with a hose pipe. Dilute 1 part S100 to 5 parts water for use on matt, raw alloy & sensitive finishes.

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